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A Notice (#1)

Originally I was going to repost all my old reviews from Threads Fans over to this blog, but I tried to copy and paste a couple and it wouldn't work right, the layout went all weird and the font went odd. So I've made a decision to leave the old reviews over at Threads Fans and if you want to read them you should go visit that blog, because I'm not deleting it, just so you guys can go over there and read old reviews. If you really want to do that. Here is the link to Threads Fans
Of course, all new reviews will be posted on here, I Tend To Ramble.
I hope you're all okay with this and that it makes sense.

Coffee and Kiwis

So, some of you (if I actually have any readers on this blog yet) may be wondering why there is a link titled "Coffee and Kiwis" on the sidebar to the right. Well, let me explain. Coffee and Kiwis is a blog originally created by my friend, whose pen-name on the blog is Zahra (no I don't know why it's that, I don't think she knows why either), who invited me to co-write on the blog with her. And now I do co-write on the blog with her. Apparently I just can't get enough of writing all over the internet even though I don't actually have any time to do it in. But, now that I have broken up from college for the summer holiday, hopefully I will actually have time to do that. So far it seems like being off from college is giving me time to do more stuff, I created this blog for a start and I've done other stuff such as working on my Extended Project Qualification for college and doing some writing.
But, anyway (sorry, I tend to digress), back to Coffee and K…

Hello World!

Hello World,
Let me introduce myself. My name is Rebecca and I'm from England, if you would like to know more about me then please do click on the links in the sidebar.
This blog, I Tend To Ramble, started off as Threads Fans but I decided I wanted a change for the blog so moved to a new blog to start over. Soon I plan to post all my previous reviews and important posts on here so you can view them all at this new main blog.
If you're wondering whether you should follow/subscribe to/etc. this blog then I should tell you that you probably shouldn't. Because, as it says on the tin, I tend to ramble. However, I do ramble about my life, music, news, books fashion, and lots of other random things, so if you are interested in any of those topics (why would you be interested in my life?) then maybe you should follow/subscribe to/etc. this blog. It's your choice, but you should know if you do follow/subscribe to/etc. my blog then it would make me very happy (sorry, that probab…