Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Coffee and Kiwis

So, some of you (if I actually have any readers on this blog yet) may be wondering why there is a link titled "Coffee and Kiwis" on the sidebar to the right. Well, let me explain. Coffee and Kiwis is a blog originally created by my friend, whose pen-name on the blog is Zahra (no I don't know why it's that, I don't think she knows why either), who invited me to co-write on the blog with her. And now I do co-write on the blog with her. Apparently I just can't get enough of writing all over the internet even though I don't actually have any time to do it in. But, now that I have broken up from college for the summer holiday, hopefully I will actually have time to do that. So far it seems like being off from college is giving me time to do more stuff, I created this blog for a start and I've done other stuff such as working on my Extended Project Qualification for college and doing some writing.
But, anyway (sorry, I tend to digress), back to Coffee and Kiwis. I tend to post on there about random stuff, like Harry Potter, while Zahra posts about random stuff too, but while managing to sound much more intellectual than me.
So, I don't think I've sold it particularly well, but if you would like to go and visit Coffee and Kiwis by clicking on the link to it on the right, that would be awesome.
Later today I will be posting reviews that I previously posted on Threads Fans on this blog so all my reviews will be in one place. So, if you wonder why there's suddenly quite a few reviews posted all in one day then it's not me being really productive and writing 9 reviews in one day, it's me copying and pasting from my old blog to this new one.
Thank you for reading! (If anyone actually is reading this...)


  1. Thankies :). I need to leave a note on C&K about your new blog - tis pretty :).
    Umm... my name, well... I'll explain that some day ;)

    1. Aw, thank you. :) Haha, I look forward to that day.