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My Life (#1): The Bank Holiday Weekend & Returning to College

I had a good weekend, apart from the fact that it rained on Saturday, meaning my horse riding lesson was cancelled. But, oh well, life moves on. Sunday was fun because my dad's side of the family came to our house for a barbecue. I got to see everyone and eat some very nice food. And, a bonus, barbecue leftovers are scrumptious. Then yesterday, Bank Holiday Monday, was nice because we went to the beach and had a good time there. I even wrote my name in the sand!
So that was all very cool. However, next week looms over me like a storm cloud. Well, that may be a tad over-dramatic. I'm only returning to college. Which does have it's plus sides. I mean, I do get to see all my lovely college friends again and it'll mean I'm more productive (I can, occasionally, in the holidays, end up spending whole days sitting on the sofa and going on my laptop...) and I do enjoy my subjects, most of the time. However, there is still the getting-up-at-seven-in-the-morning-getting-stre…