Review: How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

Name: How I Live Now
Author: Meg Rosoff
Author's website:
Publisher: Penguin Books
Date published: 2004
Number of pages: 210
Rating: 4/5
When is it available?: Now

I thought this book was especially interesting because of Daisy's narrative voice. She was straight-to-the-point, blunt, and honest. This made things funny, in a way, but also relatable and almost painfully raw and emotional. Daisy doesn't tell you everything, and what she does tell you she doesn't say all at once, but she never lies, which results in the narrative being mysterious yet real and confessional. Because of this narrative style, it is easy to get a sense of the way Daisy feels isolated at times because of the little she knows about what is really going on.
How I live Now reminded me of The Hunger Games in that it has the same fight for survival and roller coaster of emotions, and also in that it is completely different to anything I've read before, what with its narrative style and plot line. Speaking of the plot, it was unexpected and no matter how you think it will end, or what you think will happen next, you can't imagine what actually happens.
This is a book with a lot to take in, but I managed to read it in a day because it was almost addictive. It is one of those books that makes you sit back and think once you've finished it. I couldn't start reading another book straight after this one, I had to let it sink in.


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