Review: The Worst Girlfriend in the World by Sarra Manning

Name: The Worst Girlfriend in the World
Author: Sarra Manning
Author's website:
Publisher: Atom
Date published: 2014
Number of pages: 344
Rating: 5/5
Available: Now
Spoiler warning: Minor
I liked this book because, though it had some very serious moments, these were contrasted well with its funny moments. The narration itself was also quite funny and I liked how Franny's voice was relatable and occasionally reminded me of myself.
I would definitely recommend reading this book if you love fashion, Franny has a clear passion for it and it's really interesting to see her learn has she goes through her fashion BTEC at college. I completely understood her love for Vogue, although my own collection of issues (consisting of one issue of French Vogue) is nothing compared to Franny's, I'm planning to try and collect issues from as many different countries as possible (perhaps buying one from England, the place where I actually live, would be a good idea).
The plot of The Worst Girlfriend in the World was really enjoyable. I actually ended up reading the whole book in one day (something which I seem to be doing more and more often for some reason) as I was excited to find out how it ended. And I'm glad it ended the way it did, with Franny and Alice forgiving each other while understanding that their friendship would never quite be the same and knowing that they would both have to put in effort to make it work. I think that showed really good character development.


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