Sunday, 3 May 2015

Top Ten: Snacks & Drinks for Revision

Since exam season is now upon us (I have a presentation this Thursday and then my first exam is the following Monday and I'm feeling pretty nervous to be honest), I thought a post to help you in your revision would be useful, possibly. Now, because I'm not entirely sure how great any revision tips from me would be, because effective revision is still something I'm working on (but hey, maybe next year I'll have improved and might be able to write a post about that), I decided to write about the snacks and drinks that I have found to be best for revision. Because snacks and drinks I can do. Although I will give you one revision tip, it's not best to eat while you're revising, rather it's better to take a 15 minute (or half an hour, depending on how you're feeling) break to maybe check your phone or watch a YouTube video for a bit of relief, and eat a little something and have a drink while you're doing that. So anyway, here are my top ten snacks and drinks for revision,  in no particular order:

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains quite a few vitamins and minerals that are good for your health, and it has caffeine in it which can help give you energy, but it has less caffeine than coffee so it won't make you too hyper like coffee can. Plus, I've found that, because it's richer, I eat it more slowly than other kinds of chocolate, and so it's easier to eat in moderation.

Nuts also contribute valuable vitamins and minerals, and I find I like almonds (especially whole ones with the skin on, because they're better for your heart that way) and walnuts best. Almonds have calcium and vitamin E, while walnuts are rich in Omega-3 (which I know is good for you because my parents are always telling me to eat more fish, which has that in it, at least some fish does).

Dried Fruits
Dried apricots are great because they have potassium, which is great for energy, as well as vitamins A and E. Raisins are good for protein and also have minerals like potassium. I'd definitely recommend dried fruits because they keep you healthy as well as give you a bit of energy when you're tired from revision.

Fresh Fruits
Blueberries are good for things like lowering blood pressure, improving mental health and for maintaining healthy digestion, while bananas have high levels of potassium. Those are just a couple of suggestions, and most fresh fruits are great for a revision break snack.

Yoghurt can enhance your immunity to illnesses, which  is useful when your immune system is weakened due to stress (which is unfortunately quite likely during exam season).

Toast with Jam
Fruit, as mentioned before, obviously contains a lot of healthy stuff like vitamins, and in the form of jam it can provide us with a beneficial quick boost of energy. The toast is just to put the jam on. I don't know the health benefits of toast.

This supplies vitamins and minerals, and it goes great with yoghurt so you can have two healthy snacks at once (get you)! I actually like to have granola and yoghurt for my breakfast, because my local supermarket does two pots of yoghurt for two pounds, and I'm a student so I love a good bargain, but that's a bit of  a digression.

Raw Vegetables
Everyone knows vegetables are good for you and are great for maintaining a healthy body. Raw vegetables, like carrots, celery and cucumber, are great for snacks because you don't have to deal with cooking them, you can just cut them into sticks and have them with dips, which I love to do. Mmm, scrumptious.

Herbal teas are best, especially at night as they help you to get to sleep, which can be a bit of a trouble when you're stressed from exams and studying.

This may be a bit simple and obvious, but it needed to be said because some people just don't drink enough water, which can be really bad, especially when you're working hard. Water stops dehydration, and consequently stops headaches and dizziness, fights infections, improves concentration and boosts your energy. This is one thing I'd break the no-eating-or-drinking-while-revising rule for, and I'd just have a bottle of water by you while you're working. Don't let yourself get thirsty before you go and get a drink, because that means you're already dehydrated. Just make sure you drink regularly throughout the day (don't drink non-stop though, you don't want to have to stop revising every ten minutes because you need the loo).

I hope you have found this somewhat useful, I think I definitely will and will probably come back to it at some point, just for a reminder. I realise I've been quite conversational in this post (e.g. I mentioned the loo), I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but there we are. Before I go, here is a list of links to find out more about the snacks and drinks I've mentioned, and to prove that I haven't just made all of this up.
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