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Top Ten: Snacks & Drinks for Revision

Since exam season is now upon us (I have a presentation this Thursday and then my first exam is the following Monday and I'm feeling pretty nervous to be honest), I thought a post to help you in your revision would be useful, possibly. Now, because I'm not entirely sure how great any revision tips from me would be, because effective revision is still something I'm working on (but hey, maybe next year I'll have improved and might be able to write a post about that), I decided to write about the snacks and drinks that I have found to be best for revision. Because snacks and drinks I can do. Although I will give you one revision tip, it's not best to eat while you're revising, rather it's better to take a 15 minute (or half an hour, depending on how you're feeling) break to maybe check your phone or watch a YouTube video for a bit of relief, and eat a little something and have a drink while you're doing that. So anyway, here are my top ten snacks and d…