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Review: The WorldMight by Cyril Bussiere

Name: The WorldMight
Author: Cyril Bussiere Publisher: Cyril Bussiere Date published: 2014 Rating: 3/5 A mysterious prince looks the world over for a word that would save his love from the grip of an ancient beast. 
In the kingdom of Alymphia, Princess Aria and Prince Hob are readying themselves for the Fall Passing Festival, unaware that events that happened generations prior are about to change everything.
An epic fantasy imbued with romance and mysticism, The WorldMight is a classic tale of love truer than time, a spiritual journey in a world heavy with secrets and magic. Despite spanning generations and more, it is also a very personal story of devotion, jealousy, and redemption. - From Goodreads.

I think there was a lot about this story that I really liked, and that definitely includes the description. I thought the description was excellent and gave a wonderful sense of rhythm to the writing. It draws you in and floats you along the story, the emphasis really is on the words of the book.…