Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Notice (#5): On My Unplanned Hiatus

You may or may not have noticed that I have not posted on this blog since October, and if you saw some of my tweets from around then, you may know why, but if not, then I think you should have an explanation of my sudden absence. I also thought you all might like to know when I might be able to start posting regularly again, so I wanted to post about that too.
Firstly, as to why I haven't posted at all in quite a while, partly it's because I have been very busy with university work and extracurriculars (reading, writing essays, going to society events, etc.) which has meant that I haven't had a lot of spare time (or energy) to write for this blog, It's also partly because I got ill during October and it took me quite a while to get better (and I'm still working towards feeling completely 100%), so that took away even more energy and time.
Secondly, I am somewhat better now, but I still have a lot going on with university, so I think realistically, I won't be able to write regularly again until this summer, however I may manage to write every so often between now and then (like I'm doing now), so hopefully you will see a few posts from me before the end of this academic year. This will probably happen again next year, as I'll be in my third and final year at university and very busy with all that that entails, but I'll still try to write as and when I can.
Until next time, I hope you are all well and thank you for reading despite my irregular updates.