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A Notice (#5): On My Unplanned Hiatus

You may or may not have noticed that I have not posted on this blog since October, and if you saw some of my tweets from around then, you may know why, but if not, then I think you should have an explanation of my sudden absence. I also thought you all might like to know when I might be able to start posting regularly again, so I wanted to post about that too.
Firstly, as to why I haven't posted at all in quite a while, partly it's because I have been very busy with university work and extracurriculars (reading, writing essays, going to society events, etc.) which has meant that I haven't had a lot of spare time (or energy) to write for this blog, It's also partly because I got ill during October and it took me quite a while to get better (and I'm still working towards feeling completely 100%), so that took away even more energy and time.
Secondly, I am somewhat better now, but I still have a lot going on with university, so I think realistically, I won't be ab…