Festive Rambles (#1): Valentine's Day

So, here's what randomly comes to my mind when I think of Valentine's Day. I like that it encourages people to put time aside for the people they love, and that it makes people think about nice things they can do for each other. I don't think it should be a stressful day, and I don't think you should worry about the commercialism of it. I think it's a nice excuse to do something a little special with someone you care about, maybe have a nice meal, or get each other some little gifts. But obviously, that's just my opinion and, as someone who has never actually been in a serious relationship, maybe it's not very valid. But then again, maybe Valentine's Day isn't about just one person you love and isn't about one kind of love, maybe it's about all kinds of love, and all the people you love. Either way, you're perfectly entitled to hate Valentine's Day if you want to, just as you're perfectly entitled to go all out for it.

So that's what my mind produced on the topic of Valentine's day, I hope you've had a lovely day, and let me know what you think of Valentine's Day in the comments below!


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