Review: Cruel Heart Broken by Emma Haughton

Name: Cruel Heart Broken
Author: Emma Haughton
Publisher: Usborne
Date published: 2016
Rating: 4/5

Laurie is a good girl - so everyone thinks. But seven months ago she did something that she can't undo and it's tearing her apart. 
Charlie used to be her best friend. He's done something he regrets too... and now someone has died.
Two impulsive decisions. Two toxic secrets. Too many hearts broken.
- From Goodreads.

Cruel Heart Broken has the kind of drama, mystery and emotion that keeps you reading, that is addictive because it makes you always want to know and uncover everything that has happened and that is going to happen. 
The structure of the novel worked well, with the narrative focusing on the present, and then looking at the past, and then back to the present. It meant that suspense was built because information was released slowly, and it showed how important the past was in this story and how much it influenced the characters.
The book dealt well with some serious and difficult issues, and showed the effects that topics such as depression, suicide, pregnancy and abortion can have on individuals and society, and showed how the negative way in which these subjects are dealt with currently can be disastrous and affect people dangerously. I was glad that it ended, not exactly happily, but in a somewhat uplifting way, because that showed that there is a way to get through tough times, your problems can be solved and there is a chance for things to get better. It presents a good message of needing to be aware of yourself and your actions, as well as what is happening with the people around you.

My copy of this book was received from Maximum Pop Books as a prize from a giveaway.


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