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UNBOXING ¦ Fairyloot: Dragons - December 2018

When I saw that the December theme for Fairyloot was Dragons, I knew I had to get the box for that month. I always enjoy Fairyloot boxes and I love stories with dragons in them, so I knew it would be perfect for me, and I certainly was not disappointed! I loved the items in this box, it was all unique and creative and of good quality, and I loved the book too! I have finished reading it now, so the review should be up soon. I took part in the readalong Fairyloot have started doing with each book they feature in their boxes, and I found it made the experience of reading the book even better, so I definitely recommend taking part if you ever get a Fairyloot box. I've listed each item below, with a picture and link to the designer or shop that each item came from (although quite a lot of the items were exclusive to the box which was great to see!).

Glow in the dark dragon necklace from Fairyloot

Reading journal designed by Fictiontea Designs and featuring artwork by Blanca Montiel