Hello, my name is Rebecca and this is Writing Starlight. On Writing Starlight, you will find posts discussing (and occasionally rambling on about) different topics, such as books, music, and news. If you have any questions, then you can find details about how to get in touch with me on the Contact Page, and you can also find me on my social network accounts, which are linked at the bottom of the blog. If you want to look up a specific review, then you can find them all listed in the Review Index.

You can also read about this blog in the very first post of this blog: Hello World!

Review Policy
Due to time constraints and other limitations, I cannot accept books for review in an ebook format, and so will only accept physical copies. If you do wish to send me anything for review, then use the email on the Contact Page to inquire, and for books and music I will likely accept products from most genres. It may take me some time to review a product once it has been received, but I will aim to review it as soon as possible. I reserve the right to not accept a product for review, but this should not be taken as a refusal to review anything in the future, and I will most likely be happy to hear from you again.

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